Lavender Lemonade – Case 24 Cans


Case of 24 12 oz cans. Sweet, nutrient-rich peach is blended with Rose petal to create a light, refreshing floral flavor that promotes healthy skin and helps boost the immune system.


Refreshing lemon is paired with soothing lavender flower for a crisp, light and floral flavor that helps calm the mind and detoxify the body.  This contains 24 12oz cans of Lavender Lemonade kombucha.  Our product lasts for 4 months if kept refrigerated.

Ingredients: Filtered water, kombucha culture (yeast and bacteria cultures), black tea*, white tea*, rooibos tea*, yerba mate*, evaporated cane juice (sugar)*, Lemon juice concentrate*, Lavender *. (*organic ingredients)

DRINK RECIPE: Try adding tequila to this kombucha over ice for a delicious cocktail.

Additional information

Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in